Claim.io (formally ClaimMyName) is a patent pending product of Olive Interactive, LLC. Olive Interactive has been helping people manage, track and share their social media identity since April 2008, starting with DandyID.org.

Sara Czyzewicz
Co-Founder Olive Interactive, LLC
She handles day-to-day operations, software development, design, customer service, and product development. Sara has been building creative software applications for 10 years.

Arron Kallenberg
Co-Founder Olive Interactive, LLC
Arron handles business development, day-to-day operations and software development. Arron has been involved in several tech start-ups, and has been developing software for 10 years.

Our Partners

Olive Interactive works closely with VaynerMedia for marketing, business and product development services.

Olive Interactive partners with NimbleSource LLC for strategic business development and technology advisory services.